Written by Katarina Nilsson on Oct. 17th 2017
 The 9 Steps To Increase Sales, Boost Motivation & Get Better Results from Your Staff

If you are committed to wanting to make a change in your sales organization, get the best out of your employees and increase your sales, you should read this.

During my time as TDC Sales Director, I developed a comprehensive suite of tools and processes that ensured that we achieved our sales goals. I learned it was about running the organization and managing my business in the right way and direction. I'm convinced that, most problems arise due to misunderstandings or poor communication. When it's left untreated, it can cause a toxic team environment, that dramatically impacts on sales performance. 

Definition: Madness: Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. 

The word "managing" has a broad meaning for many. Some associate it with coordination and communication, which gives the word a positive feeling. For many others, the word has a negative feeling, and they associate the word with control and compulsion. 

The problem, as I see it, is that it's too often Sales Managers are under pressure to deliver the "numbers" so they focus on arbitrary figures such as time on the phone or number of sales calls. In my experience, when you manage a team this way, it causes them to cheat such as (calling the speaking clock to get their phone time up!). These traditional call center metrics are far too unilateral,  Nevertheless, many businesses still focus on "Traditional management" believing if they do enough of it, the outcome will change. 

By focusing on quality rather than quantity and motivating your team to become responsible for themselves, you build trust.  In return, you will absolutely achieve a better outcome. There is always fear from managers, that believe if they stop micromanaging, then the team will stop hitting the numbers when actually the opposite happens. 

Focus on the people, build trust to increase motivation

With the definition of business management, the company takes the company's business objectives and focuses on the critical success factors required to achieve the desired outcomes. It then prioritizes activities that will lead to the achievement of the company's goals. However, it's the human activities we need to look at: 

What are our daily activities? 
Are these the right things to do?

Management, of course, needs information to track its performance from more than just perception, but it is more than just looking at the cold hard numbers. After all, you are dealing with people, when they feel trusted, and valued they will work harder, which will reflect in the performance numbers. 

The questions you should ask your self when managing a sales organization are:

» What is my goal with this - what plans should I do?
» What education or training do my staff need?
» What exercises do I need?
» How do I ensure that everyone strives for the same goal?
» How can I measure that we are moving in the right direction?
» What incentives do I need to thrive the individuals and the team?
» Which follow-up tools do I need?

I believe that :


True motivation is achieved when all team members:

• Share's and lives according to the company's vision
• Share the same values
• Know and work towards the company objectives
• Can access the education and training they need
• Have clear visibility of the critical information they need to perform at their best (need to know)
• Clear rules-who does what and when

The outcome of a truly motivated team is plain to see:

• Success! Supercharged results!
• Problem-solving attitude - the team are willing to go above and beyond
• ♪ Music in the air ♫

Did any of this resonate with you? I will gladly share my 9-step process with you free of charge Why not book a free 30-minute breakthrough session with me here https://calendly.com/katnilsson

What other say 

Katarina Nilsson built and operated a division with business directories and an online department with great success and profitability. Katarina is eminent to the sales craft. She has a rare ability to structured  learn salespeople / managers about the stages of sales and also to find and implement improvements to everyone she coaches.  I have not met a better sales coach than Katarina in my life.
Chr. Lanng -CEO Dynatest International

If you're interested in starting to make changes in your salesorganisation, and increase your revenue, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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