Written by Katarina Nilsson on may 10th 2017
The right structure, the right people and the right tools

As a business owner or sales manager, you guaranteed know the feeling of being  alone with budget responsibility and with a team that may not always do what you want them to do :-). 

You might be very happy with the framework, but do not think culture is in the top? It may also be that you think you have a good structure, but that your in need of a specific sales training, as closing the deal of increase the motivation in your salesteam?

Do you sometimes think that it could be nice to have access to a toolbox with all sales tools from a-z, so when you need to "repare" or fix something in your team. You can just go and get that specifik piece of tool immediately? 

I remember using a lot of my time, thinking of and producing education material or how to motivate my salesteam. There were often situations where I wish I had a place where I could get some help and inspiration.
Being a manager of staff and at the same time having a budget responsibility is not always that easy. You must be able to inspire and motivate, be visible and be able to solve the every day challenges it is when you have team with people. You must also develop the organization and its employees while being a star in budgeting.

You must also have an updated plan on what activities you intend to initiate for the secure budget. Can you recognize it?

I would love to be the place you can go when you need a little little help or inspiration.      

Early on I recognized how important the right Mindset and Culture was.
If that was not right, It was very difficult to get the result I wanted. 
But how do you sell your idea of a better culture and better values?
To succeed you need to create a demand for the idea or solution that you want to sell to your employees.

People have underlying two drivers (motives) that control our "buying" of solutions.
Either some potential issues or to Fulfill some wishes

Motivation means internal driving force, in other words, energy to do something.
You need two create an motivation to your employees to want to make a change.

The solution (the idea) = why could it be good with a culture called "THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS - ONLY OPPORTUNITIES"

What can we achieve with that?

We become solution-oriented
= better mood, we reach our goal, happy boss, happy employees, earn more money and have more freedom

Problem solving - What do we avoid?

We do not have to spend a lot of time on complaints
We do not have to stay behind

= avoids a lot of meetings that we need to reach the budget, stressed boss and stressed employees.

Discuss and talk about the benefits of having a good culture and good values at the workplace. Compare the old culture with the new one you've decided.
What is achieved with the new culture and the new values - and what to avoid, such as stress and bad mood

Good Luck with it  :-)

What other says about Katarina Nilsson

Katarina is an enthusiast who creates a good atmosphere around him. Among other things. therefore she has to create a strong sales culture where performance is high and at the same time focuses on having fun and creating a lot of positive energy. Motivation and coaching are two of her strengths. First of all, I saw EDSA Project Manager how she manages to involve and involve both managers and salespeople. In addition to her profound knowledge of sales, she is a pleasure to work with.
Christina Rasch
Partner / CEO at BIS Partner
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