Written by Katarina Nilsson on Aug. 10th 2017
7 Easy Steps To Show You How To Close a Sale, and Enjoy it!

Have you heard the term "The born seller"?
I would like to tell you about my first sales job. I had to sell ads on a white plastic folder. The plastic folder was designed for users to put a phone book inside. It was a long time before, we "googled" stuff on the internet  🙂

The work was based on the fact that all sellers were assigned a municipality to sell in. We got between 1-2 weeks to reach a budget of 100,000 SEK. We were all on a clean commission with a smaller guarantee fee the first few weeks.

For a start, I had to go for a training with a very good-looking  girl callled Bea, to Sundsvall in Sweden. She was also originally from Norrland. A region where you do not "speak" so much. We were going to our first sales meeting. I remember sitting at a table and sitting in front of us sitting our customer. It was very quiet. I can not really remember that something was said at all. He just looked over at Bea and signed the contract.

"GREAT" I thought, "piece of cake, this job!"

But then came the reality. Now I should dial out and book my meetings. It did not work at all!

All customers hang op on the phone. I did not even get to introduce myself. It was depressing. There I sat in a hotel room up in Sundsvall in my newly acquired clothes and had not booked a single meeting. It was there that I went out and sat on a rock in the rain, reasonably abandoning and thought, "What the hell am I doing now?"

What about being a seller was no longer so fancy. I did not like being rejected on the phone. I hated it. It just was not me!

Can you recognize it?

The choice was between "bad situation" or "really bad situation"? But I did not like to fail - and I really had no money at all and needed to survive.

I had to have a plan. I remembered what had helped me before - change my focus, get the belief that I can do it - get control of the mind.

Does it sound fluffy ?! I tell you it works! Stop thinking about what might be wrong. I told myself just go out and focus 100% on what I wanted to achieve.

And my first "goal" was very simple - just be allowed to come to the customers (as I still did not know how the sales sale was going to go) get out and have a cup of coffee and have a good conversation.

Everything was different.

Suddenly I was allowed to attend meetings. I began to ask a lot, and since I am genuinely interested in other people, it was quite easy. The more I asked and listened the more they told them.

When I focused on them instead of the final sale. Was it a total other sales meeting. 

But I also learned that I needed a little more than just drinking coffee and having fun with the customers.

It was on this journey I found out that the combination of sales techniques, structure and the mindset that generates results - and none of it can stand alone. 

That was the key getting the sales results I wanted.  And that changed my approach to sales forever. I boosted my sales from 0 Kr to 92 000 in the same week!

And it was on the journey I learned to use these 7 steps that I would like to show you.
The seven steps you have to make to get the order:

Preparation - What do you need to know about your potential customer?
Good contact - how do you create a good relationship?
The teaser- how do you set the agenda and develop a teaser for your product?
Needs Analysis - How do you identify customer needs?
Argumentation - Why should the customer use your product?
The Solution - How can you solve the customer's problem with your product or service?
The close- How do you close your sales with an order in your hand?

I used the same concept and training when As Sales Manager for Yellow Pages’ new online advertising business in Denmark, I assembled a team that grew the business from 0 to 25M in 2 years. I was then promoted to Sales Director for an acquired company and grew their business from 2M to 65M in 3 years. 

 And if I can, You can!

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What other says about Katarina Nilsson 

I had the honor of having Katarina in my sales team as sales manager. Her constant delivery of good sales results contagiously affected the entire sales team, so everyone delivered even better. With positive energy, focus on the goal and with exceptionally good sales know-how, Katarina is every salesman's dream. She is a natural model for others who would like to learn the art of becoming a top-selling seller.
Catrin Carrion
Partner / Financial Advisor Bandling & Partners
If you're interested in being guided in the 7 steps, and learn how to sell or to teach your salesteam in the 7 steps , so can increase your salesfigures then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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